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RC lipo safety Bag/Lipo Guard Bag For Charging 185*75*60mm

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RC lipo safety Bag/Lipo Guard Bag For Charging 185*75*60mm


Item Name:RC Li-Po Battery Safety Guard Charge Bag Large(185*75*60mm)
Usage:For stopping and containing any fire caused by incorrectly charging or poorly functioning lipo packs
- The safest way to charge and store your lipos.
- Protect your workshop, family and home from the hazard of lipo.
-The LIPO SAFE is intended to reduce the chances of damage o charging.
- This is a fireproof bag, designed to stop and contain any fire caused by incorrectly charging or poorly functioning lipo packs.
-Never leave charging battery unattended.
-Always ensure the battery is on a non-flammable surface.
-Ensure flap is sealed while charging.

Pacakge Include:
1 x RC lipo safety Bag
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