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4X helping Hand Repair Maintain Magnifier Glass 2 Alligator Clamp

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4X helping Hand Repair Maintain Magnifier Glass With 2 Alligator Clamp


Item Name: Magnifier
Glass lens diameter: 2-1/2"
Magnification: 4X
Base: solid heavy duty cast iron
Holders: 2 alligator clips mounted on 4 way swivels.

Usage: Suitable for soldering work, watches, computer repair, jewelry making or any other type of precision work


Third hand clamp helping magnifying glass jeweler loupe selected professional tool
The practical tool for soldering work, electronics and model making

Two adjustable locking arms with alligator clip jaws and magnifying glass can be configured in many ways
Adjustable clips and joints allow movement in all directions and angles
Heavy and sturdy cast-iron base prevents movement of work
Magnifier improves field of vision for small objects

Package Included:
1X Helping Hand Magnifier

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